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DUDE. I'm stoked..just got stickers out of mailbox, thanks for the freebies they will look good on my 3 trucks,my 64. 65 and 2005 chevys, when we gonna do T's - Elvin
Got my Zoo Freak stickers!!!! Thanks very if the damn weather would - Bobby D.

I'm giving my friends the Zoo Stickers. They LOVE! them.
When I 1st seen them, I was floored! I had not seen one in 25 plus years. Will be purchasing more in near future! 8-4-18-Josh B.


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Hello from the zoofile HQ. Here's my latest rambling on what's new around here.


Sammy Hagar had a guitar stolen backstage at the Cotton Bowl show, it was returned later that day. However, Hagar vowed to never play it again after it had been handled by someone else and lit it on fire on stage the next day at the Houston show.
Once a Zoofreak, always a Zoofreak

Once a Zoofreak, always a Zoofreak

Hello my friends. Once a Zoofreak, always a Zoofreak because we have a knowledge of what is good and great and has meaning still today. We also hav...