Good morning. I want to thank you for remaking these icons from the past. The memories come flooding back. I'm telling all my old friends about this and suggesting they check you guys out. 6-26-18

Chris N.
DUDE. I'm stoked..just got stickers out of mailbox, thanks for the freebies they will look good on my 3 trucks,my 64. 65 and 2005 chevys, when we gonna do T's - Elvin
Got my Zoo Freak stickers!!!! Thanks very if the damn weather would - Bobby D.

I'm giving my friends the Zoo Stickers. They LOVE! them.
When I 1st seen them, I was floored! I had not seen one in 25 plus years. Will be purchasing more in near future! 8-4-18-Josh B.

Got home and low and behold in my mailbox was my envelope with my Zoo stickers. They are perfect!!!! Thank you very much. 8.21.18 Jeff T.

I dig what you’re doing!!!! Grew up listening to the ZOO!!!!! 8-28-18

Tim S.
Great shirt. A masterpiece! Made the wife very happy!! Thanks. Ronnie K.-Coppell
I received my awesome shirt, and that’s a nice touch to put the sticker in there I really appreciate it!!!! Tim. S.-Trenton
Got my stickers today... I thank you kindly for the extras you kicked in!!!! Now, that’s what I call getting your $$$ worth!!!! AND, the best way to insure return customer business!!! Thank you, AGAIN!!! BWC