Bugs Henderson & "Fancy Space" - 1975 Vintage Recording now on CD

Bugs Henderson & "Fancy Space" - 1975 Vintage Recording now on CD


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Fancy Space & the Rockin' Rhythm Daddies
From 1975 (estimate)
Approx. 48 minutes, live performance.

Bugs Henderson, guitar.
David Stanley, bass guitar.
Linda Waring, drums.
Stevie Davis, guitar & harmonica.

It starts with a rocking 13-minute jam of the classic Buffalo Springfield song, "For What it's Worth".
("Stop children - What's that sound?")

This is a rare recording of a live studio set by Bugs Henderson with his rock-rhythm-&-blues band,
Fancy Space.
Recorded from an FM broadcast on KZEW-FM, "The Zoo", in Dallas, Texas.
Intro by DJ Jon Dillon.

"I recorded this from the FM tuner to a 7" reel-to-reel tape."
What you are buying is a CD of that old recording. Comes in a slim CD case with cover photo of Fancy Space as pictured.
This is definitely not digital quality. I would call it "acceptable" - it doesn't have much treble, but the band rocks.
As Bugs would say ... "Turn it up."

This is a great recording done by a Zoofreak in the DFW area.

Format: Audio CD

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