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Website name change (sorta) and other goings on-


Hello from the zoofile HQ. Here's my latest rambling on what's new around here. I changed the address/url for the sticker site July 22,2018 so that it would be easier to remember. Wow, what a job that was. Something that should have taken 10 minutes, took 2 hours. My fault though, I won't bore you with the details. The old url was, now it's just I considered using the address but I didn't want to tie up that domain in this site, so if you're on or the FB page and click on the store, or buy Zoo stickers, you will be taken here. The reason is, I do all the site work on and have 100% control over it with nameservers, redirects etc. This sticker store is mine also, but is on the shopify platform, which btw, is great for you for several reasons. 1. You can use just about any credit/debit card. 2. 100% Secure SSL site. 3. Now, it's easier to create sales and offers.

So, that's it for now. I have added some hard-to-find audio in the mix. Also, Zoo guitar picks are on the way. I've increased the quantity of Mini ZooLoo's in a pack to 5 (was 3).

Peace & Rock n Roll


AND, I almost forgot. Rockin' Rita has joined me on the ZOO Facebook Page as an admin, and she is doing a great job of it too, so say hello to her if you would I'm sure she would appreciate it!

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