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Once a Zoofreak, always a Zoofreak

Hello my friends. Once a Zoofreak, always a Zoofreak because we have a knowledge of what is good and great and has meaning still today. We also have come to realize that certain mind bending songs of Rock N Roll changed us. It changed us for the good and once we arrived at that knowing, were never able, or should I say-inclined, to go back to that over commercialized top 40ish, hot 100 style of songage. We share a common bond and that bond is forever immortalized in a name. Namely KZEW 98 FM--THE ZOO "The Home of Rock 'n' Roll, and that my friends, cannot be adjudicated or erased. Your esteemed-self appointed ZOOKEEPER--Scott.


  • Rick,

    Scott Hall
  • This is great I loved the zoo radio already downloaded the app and will use it daily. Going to buy some of the stickers also. Any chance of you coming out with zoo t-shirts or a zoo sticker that can be pressed on at a T-shirt shop. Dallas radio was so special back in the 70s. Thanks so much for doing this.

    Rick smith

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